Are you ready to grow your practice?

Lower Expenses


Since we are independent contractors, you hire us on a project-by project basis.  No salaries to pay.  No employee benefits to pay.  No sick days to pay.  No vacation time to pay.

Reduce Stress


Working with Attorneys Best Choice is like having your most trusted staff on stand-by.  We're here when you need us and gone when you don't. Attorneys in Orange County Great Park we specialize in areas of Family Law in Mission Viejo

Increase Profits


Outsourcing your document preparation to Attorneys Best Choice allows you more time to concentrate on income-generating tasks and building your practice.  

Bankruptcy (Nationwide)


  • Means Testing
  • Chapter 7 Petition Preparation
  • Chapter 13 Petition Preparation
  • Client Follow Up
  • Electronic Case Filing

Family Law (California only)


  • Legal Separation
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  •  Child Support 
  • QDRO
  • MSA
  • Spousal Support 
  • Stipulations 
  • Order to Show Cause

Research (Nationwide)


  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Civil Cases
  • ​Notices of Default
  • Notices of Sale
  • Online Home Valuations
  • Online Vehicle Valuations
  • PACER  Research
  • Property Liens
  • ​Title Searches​